The goal of dermal filler treatment is to restore the lost space primarily in the compartments of the face.  As we age, these compartments that are full of fat, muscle, and bone begin to break down.  Unfortunately, then gravity pulls this loose tissue down forming static fine lines and wrinkles.  We are able to apply fillers to these areas of volume loss creating a more full and youthful appearance.  The results are immediate and last anywhere from 6-24 months depending on the product used.  Areas commonly treated are smile lines, under the eyes, nose lines, lips, cheeks, and jawline.  However, we also use fillers for liquid nose jobs, deep wrinkles between the eyes, temples, neck, and even the hands.

You may also notice that there is very little to no bruising or swelling with these before and after pictures despite being taken the same day.  The reason is that at JAGMedical we use the most advance techniques that essentially eliminate pain and bruising.  Most of our techniques only require a single needle stick for proper results.  Some of our clients receive treatments and return to work the same day as there is no down time.  As with any aesthetic procedure, results will very from client to client.



 As you can see in both pictures there is general improvement in the overall volume of the lips. The fine lines/wrinkles of the upper lip and body of the lips are smoother and less pronounced. The borders of the lips are accentuated as well giving a more youthful appearance. In the second picture, the pen is place so that you can appreciate that with treatment the lips will project out reducing the space between the pen and the lip. This projection once again gives the overall face an appearance of youthfulness. The changes are subtle but natural appearing.


The treated side and untreated side are labeled in these pictures.  You can notice an improvement of the volume and body of the cheeks.  This improved the overall structure of the midface and does result in an improvement of the fine lines/wrinkles of the lower face having a slight upward pulling affect on the lower face.


Under the eyes are one of the earliest areas to show aging.  In some cases, the hollows under the eyes can be exaggerated by genetics or after significant weight loss giving the face a more tired appearance.  Fillers can be placed in these hollows or troughs to reduce the depth and shadowing effect.  These pictures show subtle changes but you can see in photo 5 on the left (untreated) that there is a slight hallow with a darker shadow but that is resolved after treatment (on the right).  Photo 6 shows how treatment of the under eye can reduce the overall “tired” appearance of the face with a simple procedure to fill those areas under the eyes.


This is the result of jawline shaping.  The labeled untreated side on the left shows a significant area of tapering/hollowing with a sagging jawline.  However, the treated side on the right side has a nice uniform “V” shape without a hollow or sagging jawline.  This gives the overall appearance of the face a much more refreshed and youthful look.