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We are Jared and Ashton Guichard, together we created JAG Medical Cosmetics as a way to pursue our passion in the Aesthetics field.  Over many years of experience, we have provided quality, affordable, and focused care to all our clients. Our ultimate goal is to create long term relationships by providing knowledge and expertise.  We have developed a model that makes our clients feel supported and in turn more confident in themselves.   JAG Medical makes aesthetics accessible to everyone on any budget.   We can help develop a plan to help our client’s outward appearance match their internal youthfulness and beauty. Our practice is dedicated to providing our clients with beautiful, natural-looking results without looking overdone or unnatural. We are committed to providing the highest quality care, services, products and expertise. Every appointment is a private, comfortable, no pressure, one-on-one experience with a highly knowledgeable staff member.  Our commitment to our patients promotes a lasting, and most important, trusting relationship. We understand that beauty is more than skin deep.

List of our services

– Glabellar/Frontalis (between the eyes and forehead)
– Lateral Canthal Rhytids/Crows feet– Eye brow lift
– Face slimming injection (masseter)
– Smile lines
– Lip flip
– Chin sculpting
– Gummy Smile correction
– Nasal lines (Bunny Lines)
– Neck

Dermal Fillers(Products Vary based on treatment areas)
– Lips
– Tear Troughs (Under the eyes)
– Marionette Lines (smile lines, mouth lines
– Jawline
– Cheeks
– Temples
– Neck and Decolletage
– Hands

Polydioxanone (PDO) Thread Treatment

– Tighten the skin with PDO smooth threads

– Lift the skin with PDO barbed threads

Plasma (Fibroblasting) Pen

– Improve fine lines and stimulate collagen production

Spot Fat Reduction

– Remove excess fat from localized areas using Kybella/PCDC


– The 7 in 1 treatment and modern microdermabrasion that cleans, hydrates, exfoliates, treats, extracts, infuses, and corrects aging of the skin.

Skin Pen Microneedling Device

– for skin tightening, improve fine lines/wrinkles, improve dark spots, reduce pore size

Hair Restoration

– Uses growth factors drawn from the client

– Renew and restore hair with the use of your own autologous growth factors. This is a non-surgical approach to hair growth.

Chemical Peel Skin treatments

– Promotes skin turn over for more youthful appearing skin

– Stimulates collagen production

– Treats acne, dark spots, and oily skin

Laser Hair Removal   

– Remove areas of hair that are unwanted


– tinting and coloring of eyebrows and lips

Metabolism/Weight Loss

– B12 shots

– IV vitamin/mineral therapy

IV Therapy Packages
– Immunity
– Beauty
– Advanced athletic hydration and recovery
– Hangover
– Metabolism boost
– Prenatal

Concierge Services with Botox and IV Infusions

Please note that this is a dynamic list of services and our available services will continue to grow.  Our recommendation is to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about our services and check for availability as some products can be seasonal or out of stock.  The cost of services varies greatly due to specific client needs, monthly specials, valued customer/membership pricing, cost of products, and product availability.  Here at JAGMedical Cosmetics, we are more than willing to give you the time you deserve to answer all your questions as conveniently as possible; however, face to face consult maybe necessary to give the most proper assessment.


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